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Renaissance Faire

21 May 2016

Minion Capturing a Princess © Trevor Irish 2015 The 2014 Children's Renaissance Faire made the Herald Journal!

Bring you and your little ones out to the Whittier Community Center in Logan for a day of historic festivities! Fight an armored knight in real armor, learn to make your own leather badge, and go on a noble quest for honor and chivalry! Meet the King and Queen of the Faire.

Location: Whittier Center
290 N 400 E in Logan, UT map
Faire times: Noon - 3 pm
Entrance fee: TBA

Coordinator for the 2016 Faire is Symonne. This will be the 21st year of the Renaissance Faire at the Whittier Community Center.

This 100% family-friendly event includes interactive, hands-on activities the whole family will enjoy. All activities are included in the entrance fee.

Making Chainmaille © Trevor Irish 2015 Usual Activities:

  • Mini Crossbows
  • Fight a Giant
  • Forge a Sword
  • Create a Crown
  • Make Chainmail
  • Medieval Board Games
  • Rat Toss
  • Get Knighted!
  • Perilous Quest
    TBA - If you are a vendor and would like to participate in the Children's Renaissance Faire in 2016, please contact Symonne.
Please check back frequently for updates of activities, vendors and performers.

Finale of 2015 Faire:
STORY: So it was the end of the day, and I, being the brave soul I am, marched the brigands: Drayden the Pirate King, Alex the Ogre, and Eddie the MINION into the King and Queen, to face the justice... They had been kidnapping the princesses all day! Sir Landolf wanted to behead them. Their Majesties wanted to arrange some sort of peace.

BUT THEN! Eddie, in a flash of brilliance, took up one of the swords that had been thrown at the feet of the King and Queen, and turned on his former comrades! So swift was his blade, that he killed them both in two deft blows! It turns out that the mighty Lord Eddie had been loyal to the King and Queen all along!!!

Their Majesties demanded that the bodies be drug away, and when they were out in the hall, it appeared that they were recovering from their wounds! BUT LORD EDDIE WAS NOT TO BE FOILED!

He quickly grabbed the gate and slammed it shut on the brigands! They will forever rot in their prison, and the lands will be safe for at least another year...

Brigands locked up © Trevor Irish 2015

This is absolutely what happened, with no scripting or prompting from anyone. Eddie is just that awesome.

-Children's Ren Faire, March 28, 2014 Seamus the Shameless

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