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* All officers are accepting bids for Deputies *
Please contact the officer if you are interested in learning what their job entails.

The next officers' meeting will probably be in October 2014, location TBA.

Catarina, picture needed Seneschal:
Lady Catarina di Caneva
(Marsha Brockenwell)
Open for Bid Deputy:
Open for Bid - contact the Seneschal
Loxley © Jason Porter 2010 Chatelain:
Seamus the Shameless
Loxley © Jason Porter 2010 Deputy: Newcomers' Quest Coordinator:
Lord Loxley of Cote du Ciel
(Kelly Page)
Miquel d'Orion Herald:
Miquel d'Orion

Cathryn Ann © Jason Porter 2010 Minister of Arts & Sciences:
THL Cathryn Ann of Newbury
Open for Bid Deputy:
Open for Bid - contact the MoAS
Hallerna © Jason Porter 2010 Youth Minister:
Lady Hallerna Stjarnkona


Aslak © Jason Porter 2010 Knight Marshal:
Lord Aslak the Awful
Open for Bid Deputy: Rapier Marshal:
Lord Dryden Sokol
Jon the Handsoms, picture to come Deputy: Youth Combat Marshal:
Jon the Handsome
Deputy: Archery Marshal:

Boyarina Zoia Chancelor of the Exchequer:
Boyarina Tati'iana Zoia Aleksieva (Lady Zoia)
Open for Bid Deputy:
Open for Bid - contact the Seneschal
Deputy: Quartermaster:
Lord Kano Hiroyoshi
Open for Bid - contact the Seneschal
Hallerna © Jason Porter 2010 Deputy: Webminister:
Lady Hallerna Stjarnkona

Alex Deputy: Harvest War Deputy Webminister:
Alex Miller
Open for Bid - contact the Seneschal


Officers' Meetings (aka Business Meetings) are held about once a quarter. All members of the Populace are invited. Contact the Seneschal for more information. We have several positions open, and always need deputies and event stewards.

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