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Our champions in all the various areas of competition withing the SCA. Shire Champions were usually chosen each year at Shire Birthday. Beginning in 2014, the Heavy Combat, Rapier Combat, Youth Combat, Arts & Sciences champions, and the Shire Bard were chosen at The Feast of St Pyr, and the Archery and Thrown Weapons champions will be chosen at Harvest War. The Arts & Sciences champion used judging forms, the Bard was chosen through populace vote, and the various combat champions were chosen by tournament.

    Armored Combat:m'lord Lucius need picture of current champion
    Rapier Combat:Lord Drayden Bowtell picture of current champion
    Youth Combat:m'lord Yuki Natsul need picture of current champion
    Arts & Sciences:m'lady Symonne de Clermont en Beauvaisis picture of current champion
    Bard:Lord Seamus the Shameless picture of current champion, © Marlene Martineau
    Thrown Weapons:
    (held at Harvest War 2015)
    Lord Loxley of Cote du Ciel need picture of current champion
    (held at Harvest War 2014)
    Currently empty picture of current champion

Prior Champions

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