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Registered Devices

Devices are how we identify who is at an event. These are the devices of people in the Shire.

Shire of Côte du Ciel
Gyronny gules and Or, a bear rampant argent within a laurel wreath vert, and a bordure ermine
Shire of Côte du Ciel Populace Badge
(Fieldless) A bear's head to sinister argent
(fieldless means you can display it on anything)
Bartholomew Hightower of Canterbury
Checky Or and azure, a chevron sable between three roses proper.
Algarth of Mount Coruscation
Per Chevron, Azure and Gules, two Lightning Flashes in Pyle, Argent
Heidi of Côte du Ciel
Purpure, a bird-winged pithon erect, tail nowed Or, a bordure erminois.
Tamar Oqropiri of Black Sea
Sable, a celtic cross and in base a bar wavy argent.
Jamukha Batu
Or, a bow and arrow nocked and drawn to sinister sable within four crescents in cross horns to center gules and a bordure sable bezanty.
Rosemary the Starseeker
Azure, two pegasi rampant addorsed, wings elevated, addorsed and crossed in saltire, within twelve mullets in bordure argent.
Kano Hiroyoshi
Sable, a roundel within a mullet of eight points voided and interlaced argent.
Hallerna stjǫrnukona
Vert, in pale a demi-sun issuant from chief and an astrolabe argent.
Hallerna stjǫrnukona and Sneferu sa Djedi (household badge)
Or, a shnecke issuant from base vert.
Sneferu sa Djedi
Gules, on a pale dancety Or, a pale sable.
Miquel d'Orion
Azure, on a pale gules three mullets Or.
Miquel d'Orion (badge)
Azure, on a shakefork gules three mullets Or.
Catarina di Caneva
Ermine, on a pale dovetailed vert, three compass roses argent.
Loxley of Côte du Ciel
Or, a wooden harrow proper and a chief enarched azure.
Loxley of Côte du Ciel (badge)
(Fieldless) A wooden harrow proper.
Sneferu sa Djedi (Egyptians' badge)
(Fieldless) A scarab beetle vert winged azure sustaining a bezant.
Cathryn Anne of Newbury
Azure, a doe's head contourney argent between four mullets of four points in cross Or.
Hallerna stjǫrnukona (badge)
(Fieldless) An astrolabe per pall vert, argent, and Or.
Chiara de Caccialuppis
Or, a sea-horse gules crined and tailed sable and on a chief enarched wavy two estoiles Or.
Chiara de Caccialuppis (badge)
(Fieldless) A sea-horse gules crined and tailed sable.
Drayden Bowtell
Per pale vert and azure, a chevron couched throughout Or braced with a chevron couched throughout from sinister argent.
Brigitta Blodyr
Per fess wavy azure and argent, a greyhound bitch courant argent and a rose azure barbed vert seeded argent.
Symonne de Clermont-en-Beauvaisis
Quarterly gules and argent, a bumble bee counterchanged.
Vivana Caccialupo
Azure, inverted Chevron Or, winged leopard Argent.

Devices in the Submission Process

To submit a device or a name, you need to fill out the proper forms (near the bottom of this page) and submit them to the Shire Herald, along with $9/item.

If you would like to see where in the submission process your device is, go to Track on the Online System for Commentary and Response (OSCAR), and look for "Artemisia" and the month when you submitted your device. If you want to see the commentary, talk to the Herald.
Màtè Czygan
Blazon needed
Aine inghen Mhaghnusa
Azure, a three tailed fox sejant argent marked Or, and in base an equal armed celtic cross argent.
Yuki Shiro
Purpure grillage of bamboo staves Or, a lynx's face argent.
Helena Volos
Chevronelly gules and argent, a rabbit rampant to sinister and in sinister chief a crecent sable.

Devices in Consultation

If you would like to design your own device, talk to the Herald. If you have one in progress and would like it posted here, e-mail the emblazon (image) to the webminister.

Seamus the Shameless
Blazon needed
Beodin Blaengir
Gyronny aronndi vert and sable, an antelope argent.
Zoyia Alexevia
Checky argent and vert, a fox couchant proper, and on a chief azure five compass stars argent.
Sable, a legionnaire helm Or, between two columns argent.
Alexander the Rat
Barry wavy gules and argent, a rat rampant Or irradiated sable.

Devices of former Shire residents

Once a Cote du Cielian, always a Cote du Cielian.

Landolf Witkowski
Per fess vert and argent, a sprig of oak bendwise fructed argent, and a hunting horn with bell to sinister sable, garnished Or and stringed gules.
Rebecca Chadderton
Per fess Or and argent, in pale three birds close in fess azure and three chevronels braced sable.
Demer Oakenstaff
Per pale sable and argent, and ermine spot counterchanged.
Nina of the Lost Caverns
Azure, a sword palewise surmounted by a needle and a quill pen in saltire argent, a bordure Or.
Vsevolod Igorevich
Per saltire argent and Or, a cross swallowtailed azure and a bordure gules.
Meg Davenport (aka Carol of Stargate)
Vert, a wyvern erect regardant close, tail cowed and knotted about its neck, argent, in base a sprig of lilies-of-the-valley Or.

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